Howto import Git into SVN

Hello, since this is a problem where not much resources can be found to ( and (which just concludes that from google-code))
I want to give my experience with importing an existant git-repo into svn

		#0. setup the svn
		svn checkout --username=".." --password=".." https://...
		cd svnRepo
		svn mkdir trunk
		svn mkdir branches 
		svn mkdir tags
		svn commit
		#1. clone the svn repo over your existing .git repo (I made a backup before but shouldn't make problems)
		git svn clone --username=".." --password=".." https://... --trunk=trunk --branches=branches --tags=tags MY_EXISTING_LOKAL_REPO
		#2. rebase your current branch over that from svn
		git checkout master
		git rebase remotes/trunk
		#3. commit your code into svn
		git svn dcommit

On a side-note: You will probably lose all your commit-timestamps of git since svn tracks the commit-time serverside (I guess)